Who was ruth gorse?

The academy is named in honor of Ruth Gorse, who was a brilliant director of physical education at The Morley Academy and, before that, at The King's School in Pontefract. The Ruth Gorse Academy is significantly larger than most high schools and serves a disadvantaged area that is much larger than what is normally found throughout the country. The Ruth Gorse Academy strives to provide an inspirational education to all students, regardless of background or experience. The Ruth Gorse Academy, as its central mission, focuses on ensuring that young people enjoy access to a truly inspiring secondary academy.

Among the runners were others from Academies from The GORSE Academies Trust, and many from The Ruth Gorse Academy, both named in honor of Ruth. The Ruth Gorse Academy has benefited significantly from the SCITT program and is thrilled to have many SCITT alumni and their School Direct legacy as part of its staff team.

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