Is ruth gorse academy a good school?

A member of the School Guide team will verify your details within 2 business days and provide you with more detailed instructions for setting up your school notice board. On its most recent inspection, Ofsted awarded The Ruth Gorse Academy an overall rating of Outstanding. The governors and The Gorse Academies Trust have exceptional knowledge and are experts at challenging school leaders. Newcomers to the teaching profession can train directly with SCITT at schools owned by The GORSE Academies Trust and also at partner schools in the local area.

The Ruth Gorse Academy has benefited significantly from the SCITT program and is thrilled to have many SCITT alumni and their School Direct legacy as part of its staff team. The previous opening date and status indicate when The Ruth Gorse Academy opened its doors or when it changed to its most recent version, and several schools became academies in recent years. Parents say that The Ruth Gorse Academy is a fantastic school, where teachers see each child as an individual.

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