Does rutherglen come under south lanarkshire?

South Lanarkshire, a municipal area, south-central Scotland, encompassing Clydesdale, the River Clyde Valley and the surrounding lowlands and highlands. South Lanarkshire stretches from the densely urbanized southern periphery of the Glasgow metropolitan area, where the majority of the population lives, to the extensive southern agricultural countryside, which accounts for most of the area. It is located entirely within the historic county of Lanarkshire. Want to contact the Administration of Rutherglen? Here are the coordinates of Rutherglen available below.

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Below is a list of activities and points of interest in and around Rutherglen The Cuningar Circuit is an area south of the River Clyde, near the Farme Cross region of Rutherglen Royal Borough. Scottish rugby internationals Duncan Weir and British and Irish lion Richie Gray were also born in Rutherglen and attended school there, as was Richie's brother and Glasgow warrior Jonny Gray. Rutherglen railway station connects to Rutherglen's main street and there are also numerous bus connections to central Glasgow. The town of Rutherglen is located about three miles south-east of Glasgow city center and, for practical, if not administrative, reasons, can be considered a suburb of the city.

It gives access to Overtoun Park, has some views of Broomieknowe Street and includes Rutherglen Cemetery. To the north, next to Glasgow, the cities of Rutherglen and Cambuslang contain a mix of residential, industrial and commercial development. The Burgh area of Rutherglen includes the former heart of the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen and the surrounding area. In 1775, Rutherglen gained his own bridge over the River Clyde, designed and built by James Watt, a man best known for his later work with steam engines.

Craig Patrick, the artist who contributed to the design of the Comic Sans font, was born in Rutherglen and Stan Laurel also lived in Rutherglen, where he attended Rutherglen Academy. The region is home to the Rutherglen branch of the South Lanarkshire Council youth club, Universal Connections, and also the new Clyde Gateway stadium for the Rutherglen football club, Glencairn. In the 17th century, Rutherglen was best known for its large horse fairs, which took place on the wide main street. The Clyde Gateway projects aim to reinvest in this region and create new business parks and make the River Clyde accessible again in Rutherglen.

Burnhill, in the west of the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen, borders the city of Glasgow (Toryglen and Hangingshaw). Rutherglen was a parliamentary borough represented in the Parliament of the United Kingdom as part of the Glasgow Burghs constituency from 1708 to 1832 and as a component of Kilmarnock Burghs from 1832 to 1918.Rutherglen gained rail connections with Glasgow and Motherwell in 1849 and later became part of Glasgow's streetcar network. To anyone traveling on the south side of Glasgow, Rutherglen may seem like little more than a name on the road signs and a glimpse of the town hall tower.

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