Rutherglen academy?

Telephone 0141 643 3480Fax 0141 643 3481.The school moved to a new location on Calderwood Road, Rutherglen, in the summer of 1998, on land that was once part of a farm. The new Stonelaw school was based in the old Rutherglen Academy buildings, on the corner of Stonelaw Road and Melrose Avenue, along with an “annex”, the Gallowflat High School buildings on Hamilton Road. The former Rutherglen Academy annex, the mid-19th century Macdonald School building in the heart of the city, was closing at the same time. In both agreements, hundreds of students walked along 400 meters of residential streets between sites several times a day.

The main building of the Rutherglen Academy, a category B listed structure that survived a World War II bomb destined for nearby industrial sites, was remodeled into 36 residential apartments in 2001, and the other buildings were demolished and other modern apartments were built within the complex, in a complex known as Academy Gate. Welcome to Rutherglen Elementary School, a school that is “proud of its history and passionate about the future.”.

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