What county is rutherglen in in scotland?

RUTHERGLEN, a parish, hamlet and market town, in the lower district of Lanark County, 2 and a half miles (to the south). By E. Rutherglen it was a center of heavy industry, with a long tradition of coal mining that died out in 1950. The Mitchell Arcade was renovated and renamed Rutherglen Shopping Center and used to have a daily market.

Rutherglen Castle was in what is now the heart of Rutherglen, where Castle Street meets King Street and is close to the most recent Town Hall. A branch of Boots Chemist occupied a corner both in the oldest buildings in Rutherglen Cross and when they were replaced, and was present in the same place in the city for more than a century. A small, prosperous town within the Rutherglen border, focusing primarily on the areas of Stonelaw Road and Burnside Road. The Rutherglen center is located in the reference network 261443 and north 661730 within the British National Grid system (OSGB3).

Some years after the completion of the project, studies show that pollution levels on Rutherglen's densely populated main street were still constantly measured at dangerously high levels, despite forecasts that traffic levels on urban streets in areas connected by the highway would decrease. The region is home to the Rutherglen branch of the South Lanarkshire Council youth club, Universal Connections, and also The Celsius stadium of the Rutherglen football club, Glencairn. In 1775, Rutherglen gained his own bridge over the River Clyde, designed and built by James Watt, a man best known for his later work with steam engines. Scottish rugby internationals Duncan Weir and British and Irish lion Richie Gray were also born in Rutherglen and attended school there, as was Richie's brother and Glasgow warrior Jonny Gray.

A small, prosperous town on the edge of Rutherglen, focusing primarily on the areas of Stonelaw Road and Burnside Road. During the 19th century, Rutherglen went from being a town of weavers and miners to a more industrialized area, with its own shipyard, established by Thomas Bollen Seath in 1856.In addition to men's amateur teams (such as Rutherglen AFC of the Scottish Amateur Football League), the city also had a women's football club, the Rutherglen Ladies, which formed in 1921 and played at a high level during the 1920s and 30s. The burn that crosses most of this side of Rutherglen is visible from a distance and ends in a small pond near the Bankhead estate. Rutherglen is located in the Scottish region of the United Kingdom and is governed by the municipalities of Glasgow, South Lanarkshire.

Rutherglen was a parliamentary village represented in the Parliament of the United Kingdom as a component of the Glasgow Burghs constituency from 1708 to 1832 and as a component of Kilmarnock Burghs from 1832 to 1918.

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