Rutherglen academy former pupils?

Pages in the category People educated at Rutherglen Academy; B · Archie Baird · Denis William Brogan · Janet Brown; C · Andy Cameron · Steven Campbell (artist). Both and other members of the organizing committee of the meeting have distributed posters to libraries, community centers and churches in the Rutherglen area in an attempt to locate those who want to take a trip to the past and remember their school days. A class meeting was held for former students of the Rutherglen Academy, which was attended by more than 100 people, who happily met old friends and teachers and took a trip to the past. The property developer who transformed his old Rutherglen school into apartments is organizing an alumni meeting to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its closure.

Although more than 40 former students have already signed up for the March 6th party at Rutherglen City Hall, David and Connie are once again faced with obstacles when trying to locate the women who married and changed their names. David Lang bought the old building listed by the Rutherglen Academy in 2001 after it was put up for sale by the South Lanarkshire Council. He was a student in the 1940s and recalled how Rutherglen Academy was closed for a period during the war after a stray bomb fell on its playing fields. They say that school days are the happiest in life, and last Friday night there were a lot of people at Rutherglen Town Hall who were happy to look back.

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