Is rutherglen rough?

Rutherglen is absolutely fine, especially in the area you're viewing. A B+ rating means that the crime rate is slightly lower than that of an average American city. Rutherglen is in the 69th percentile for safety, meaning that 31% of cities are safer and 69% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies only to the appropriate Rutherglen limits.

. While it may be the hometown of celebrities such as Supertramp bassist Dougie Thomson and Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid in the Harry Potter film series, Rutherglen's entry into iLiveHere isn't too positive. A resident of Greenock took the opportunity to complain about the city's gangs, which they claim are looking for anyone to at least verbally abuse and intimidate. Like the resident of Greenock, they were outraged by their local fellow citizens, describing them as irritable at birth and attracted like moths to big, exhausted compact cars.

This critic went further and even criticized the way their neighbors speak, describing them as incoherent and nasal for too much Buckfast. When addressing young people with dental problems, the critic described his local fellow citizens as having a uniform rat face, thin as poker and blue skin. They continued to describe their preference for casual sportswear or, at times, for excessively worn jeans that act like a kind of inverted tartan. Rutherglen has been named one of the 25 best suburbs for homebuyers in the UK by a national Sunday newspaper.

Central Rutherglen is among the top 200 in terms of deprivation and occupies the 66th worst criminal zone. A branch of Boots Chemist occupied a corner both in the oldest buildings in Rutherglen Cross and when they were replaced, and was present in the same place in the city for more than a century. The local newspaper is Rutherglen Reformer (owned by Reach plc, with online content presented under the slogan Daily Record). Having existed as a Lanarkshire hamlet in its own right for more than 800 years, in 1975 Rutherglen lost its own local council and became an administrative part of the Glasgow city district within the Strathclyde region (together with neighboring Cambuslang).

Rutherglen Burgh has Rutherglen railway station (opened in 1884), and Croftfoot and Burnside stations are closer to the southern parts of the city. In 1999, the Scottish parliamentary constituency of Glasgow Rutherglen was created, with the same limits as the then parliamentary constituency of the United Kingdom. The red areas on the crime index map don't always indicate danger to Rutherglen residents who live there. Detailed statistics released by the Scottish Government show that parts of Rutherglen Central, Springhall, Fernhill, Burnhill, Whitlawburn, Westburn, Halfway and the Circuit are among the richest five percent of the country's poorest areas.

The reformer can reveal that several communities in Rutherglen and Cambuslang are among the most disadvantaged in Scotland. The main airports, of which Rutherglen has 0, always seem like places with high crime rates due to the large number of people and the low population nearby. Considering only the crime rate, Rutherglen is safer than the Virginia state average and safer than the national average. In addition to some commercial areas and the large industrial estates of Farme Cross and Shawfield, the neighborhoods referred to are residential; the 1922 Rutherglen Lore book indicates the deliberate intention that the historic Burgh area be surrounded on the south by residential suburbs, while all land in the north is dedicated to industry, and so it remains a century later.

By analyzing income, employment, health, education, housing and crime, the Scottish Multiple Deprivation Index (SIMD) shows that thousands of people in Rutherglen and Cambuslang are trapped in a cycle of poverty. Rutherglen received the status of Burgh Royal in 1126 by royal charter from King David I of Scotland, who reigned from 1124 to 1153.

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