What is rutherglen in glasgow like?

It has excellent services, shops and transport connections. The M74 extension helps and you have good sports facilities, such as two tennis clubs. While it may be the hometown of celebrities such as Supertramp bassist Dougie Thomson and Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid in the Harry Potter film series, Rutherglen's entry into iLiveHere isn't too positive. In addition to some commercial areas and the large industrial estates of Farme Cross and Shawfield, the neighborhoods referred to are residential; the 1922 Rutherglen Lore book indicates the deliberate intention that the historic Burgh area be surrounded on the south by residential suburbs, while all land in the north is dedicated to industry, and that is still the case a century later.

The highway, largely built on supports, now crosses the landscape a little north of downtown Rutherglen and, in doing so, passes over part of Rutherglen railway station. The first thing you might notice about Rutherglen is the ease of access to central Glasgow, but keep in mind that there are a lot of parks, gardens and wide open spaces that offer residents the chance to really get away from it all. Most of Rutherglen's bars are located on the north side of the main street and west, as a legacy of the Temperance Act (Scotland) of 1913, when the south side of the street and other parts were declared “dry areas” after local referendums on the subject. Sports lovers living in Croftfoot, Rutherglen and the surrounding areas are spoilt for choice.

We offer all the advice and guidance you could need about everyday life in Rutherglen and the various amenities it offers. In 1775, Rutherglen gained his own bridge over the River Clyde, designed and built by James Watt, a man best known for his later work with steam engines. Rutherglen has its own train station, located on Victoria Street, which offers regular direct trains to Glasgow Central. Although Rutherglen is officially a town in South Lanarkshire and not a suburb of Glasgow, their proximity to the city means that they are inextricably linked.

Rutherglen is also a convenient location for those who need access to Scotland's motorway network on a daily basis. Fairs were held twelve times a year and Rutherglen became particularly famous as a place to buy and sell draft horses. For this reason, like any other, Rutherglen is compared to almost any other neighborhood in and around Scotland's most populous city. To anyone traveling on the south side of Glasgow, Rutherglen may seem like little more than a name on the road signs and a glimpse of the town hall tower.

Nowadays there are too many places in the United Kingdom that look alike, but this is an accusation that cannot be made against Rutherglen. Rutherglen received the status of Royal Burg in 1126 by royal charter from King David I of Scotland, who reigned from 1124 to 1153.Just take a look at the apartments for rent in Rutherglen to convince yourself that this is a neighborhood that attracts people from all walks of life.

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